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Sale loop provides an access to sale operations defined on your shop.
{loop type="sale" name="the-loop-name" [argument="value"], [...]}


activeA boolean value, to get only active (1) or inactive sales (0) or both (*)1active="1"
currencyA currency id, to get the price offset defined for this currencyThe current shop currencycurrency="1"
excludeA single or a list of sale ids to excluded from"2", id="1,4,7"
idA single or a list of sale"2", id="1,4,7"
orderA list of values see sorting possible valuesmanualorder=" random"
productA single or a list of product IDs. If specified, the loop will return the sales in which these products are selectedid="2", id="1,4,7"

Plus the global arguments and search arguments


$ACTIVEtrue if the sale is active, false otherwise
$CHAPOthe sale chapo
$DESCRIPTIONthe sale description
$DISPLAY_INITIAL_PRICEtrue if the products initial price should be displayed, false otherwise
$END_DATEthe sale end date
$HAS_END_DATEtrue if the sale has a end date, false otherwise
$HAS_START_DATEtrue if the sale has a start date, false otherwise
$IDthe content id
$IS_TRANSLATEDcheck if the content is translated
$LOCALEthe locale (e.g. fr_FR) of the returned data
$POSTSCTIPTUMthe sale postscriptum
$PRICE_OFFSET_SYMBOLthe offset unit symbol, % for a percentage, the currency symbol for an amount
$PRICE_OFFSET_TYPEthe price offset type, P for a percentage, A for an amount
$PRICE_OFFSET_VALUEthe price offset value, as a percentage (0-100) or a constant amount.
$SALE_LABELthe sale advertising label
$START_DATEthe sale start date
$TITLEthe sale title

Plus the global outputs

Order possible values


Ascending valueDescending valueSorted fields
createdcreated-reversedate of sale creation
end-dateend-date-reverseend date
start-datestart-datestart date
updatedupdated-reversedate of sale update