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Order coupon

Retrieve order coupons information for a given order
{loop type="order_coupon" name="the-loop-name" [argument="value"], [...]}


order *A single order id.order="2"

Plus the global arguments


$CODEthe coupon code
$DAY_LEFT_BEFORE_EXPIRATIONdays left before coupon expiration
$DESCRIPTIONthe coupon description
$EXPIRATION_DATEthe coupon expiration date
$FREE_SHIPPING_FOR_COUNTRIES_LISTcomma separated list of country IDs for which the free shipping applies
$FREE_SHIPPING_FOR_MODULES_LISTcomma separated list of shipping module IDs for which the free shipping applies
$IDthe coupon id
$IS_AVAILABLE_ON_SPECIAL_OFFERStrue if the coupon applies to discounted products
$IS_CUMULATIVEtrue if the coupon is cumulative
$IS_REMOVING_POSTAGEtrue if the coupon provides free shipping
$IS_USAGE_CANCELEDtrue if the usage of this coupon was canceled (probably when the related order was canceled), false otherwise
$SHORT_DESCRIPTIONthe coupon short description
$TITLEthe coupon title

Plus the global outputs