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Feature value

Feature value loop lists feature availabilities.
{loop type="feature_value" name="the-loop-name" [argument="value"], [...]}


exclude_feature_availabilityA boolean value to return only features with feature availability (no personal value).feature_availability="true"
exclude_free_textA boolean value to return only features with free text value (no feature availability).exclude_free_text="1" or exclude_free_text="true"
feature *A single feature id.feature="2"
feature_availabilityA single or a list of feature availability ids.feature_availability="2,5"
free_textA single or a list of strings.free_text="some text,some other text"
orderA list of values see sorting possible valuesmanualorder="alpha_reverse"
productA single product id.product="9"

Plus the global arguments


$CHAPOthe feature value chapo
$DESCRIPTIONthe feature value description
$FEATURE_AV_IDthe feature av. ID. Null if the feature ha no feature av. Use FREE_TEXT_VALUE in this case.
$FREE_TEXT_VALUE1 if this feature is free text, 0 otherwise. Deprecated in 2.4
$IDthe feature value id
$IS_FEATURE_AV1 if this feature is feature av., 0 otherwise.
$IS_FREE_TEXT1 if this feature is free text, 0 otherwise.
$LOCALEthe locale of returned results
$POSITIONthe feature value position
$POSTSCRIPTUMthe feature availability postscriptum
$PRODUCTthe id of the product. Deprecated, please use $PRODUCT_ID instead
$PRODUCT_ID(2.2) the id of the product
$TITLEthe feature availability title, or the feature value text for free text features.

Plus the global outputs

Order possible values


Ascending valueDescending valueSorted fields