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Brand loop lists brands defined in your shop.
{loop type="brand" name="the-loop-name" [argument="value"], [...]}


currentA boolean value which allows either to exclude current brand from results, or match only this brandcurrent="yes"
idA single or a list of brand"2", id="1,4,7"
orderA list of values
Expected values
productA single product id.product="2"
return_urlA boolean value which allows the urls generation.yesreturn_url="no"
titleA title stringtitle="foo"
visibleA boolean value.yesvisible="no"
with_prev_next_infoA boolean. If set to true, $PREVIOUS and $NEXT output arguments are available.falsewith_prev_next_info="yes"

Plus the global arguments and search arguments


VariableValueIf with_prev_next_info='true'If with_prev_next_info='false'
$CHAPOthe brand chapo
$DESCRIPTIONthe brand description
$HAS_NEXTtrue if a brand exists after this one, following brands positions.🚫
$HAS_PREVIOUStrue if a brand exists before this one following brands positions🚫
$IDthe brand id
$IS_TRANSLATEDcheck if the brand is translated
$LOCALEThe locale used for this research
$LOGO_IMAGE_IDID of the brand logo image, among the brand images
$META_DESCRIPTIONthe brand meta description
$META_KEYWORDSthe brand meta keywords
$META_TITLEthe brand meta title
$NEXTThe ID of brand after this one, following brands positions, or null if none exists🚫
$POSITIONthe brand position
$POSTSCRIPTUMthe brand postscriptum
$PREVIOUSThe ID of brand before this one, following brands positions, or null if none exists.🚫
$TITLEthe brand title
$URLthe brand URL
$VISIBLEtrue if the product is visible or not, false otherwise

Plus the global outputs

Order possible values


Ascending valueDescending valueSorted fields
createdcreated-reversedate of brand creation
idid-reverseID order
manualmanual-reverseorder position
updatedupdated-reverseorder on date of brand update