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Address loop lists address addresses.
{loop type="address" name="the-loop-name" [argument="value"], [...]}


customerEither a customer id or the keyword current which search for current customer addresses.currentcustomer="current", customer="11"
defaultA boolean value to return either customer default address either all the others.default="true"
excludeA single or a list of address ids to exclude.exclude="456,123"
idA single or a list of address"2", id="1,4,7"

Plus the global arguments


$ADDRESS1the first address line
$ADDRESS2the second address line
$ADDRESS3the third address line
$CELLPHONEthe address cellphone
$CITYthe address city
$COMPANYthe address company
$COUNTRYthe address country which might be use in country loop
$CUSTOMERthe customer the address is link to which might be use in customer loop
$DEFAULTreturn if address title is by default address
$FIRSTNAMEthe address firstname
$IDthe address id
$LABELthe address label
$LASTNAMEthe address lastname
$PHONEthe address phone
$TITLEthe address title which might be use in title loop
$ZIPCODEthe address zipcode

Plus the global outputs