Product Substitution

Product Substitutions provide current product, identified by `product_id` parameter (either GET or POST).

{product attr="one_of_the_following"}


chapo The product chapo, in the current selected language
createdAt * The product creation date
description The product description, in the current selected language
id The product ID
position The product position in the default category
postscriptum The product postscriptum, in the current selected language
tax_rule_id The product tax rule ID
title The product title, in the current selected language
updatedAt * The product last modification date
version The product version number
versionCreatedAt * The current product version creation date
versionCreatedBy * The current product version last modification date
visible True if the product is visdible, false otherwise

* : this is a DateTime information.
You can therefore specify 2 optional specific parameters :
- `output` which takes 'date', 'datetime' or 'time' as value
- `format` which take a PHP date format. The locale format for the current language will be used if this parameter is empty or missing
ie : {product attr='createdAt' output='date' format='Y-m-d'}