Coupon Substitution

This functionality is only available since version 2.3.4

Return informations on the coupons defined during the purchase process

{coupon attr="one_of_the_following"}


coupon_count Number of coupons currently in use >= 2.3.4
coupon_list An array containing the code of coupons currently in use. >= 2.3.4
has_coupons True is some coupons are currently in use, false otherwise >= 2.3.4
is_delivery_free True if at least one of the coupons currently in use gives free delivery, false otherwise >= 2.3.4

* : this is a DateTime information.
You can therefore specify 2 optional specific parameters :
- `output` which takes 'date', 'datetime' or 'time' as value
- `format` which take a PHP date format. The locale format for the current language will be used if this parameter is empty or missing
ie : {product attr='createdAt' output='date' format='Y-m-d'}