customer lost password

{form name="thelia.front.customer.lostpassword" }

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customer email address

{form name="thelia.front.customer.lostpassword"}
<form id="form-forgotpassword" action="{url path="/password"}" method="post">
    {form_hidden_fields form=$form}
    <p>{intl l="Please enter your email address below."} {intl l="You will receive a link to reset your password."}</p>
    {form_field form=$form field="email"}
    <div class="form-group group-email {if $error}has-error{elseif !$error && $value != ""}has-success{/if}">
        <label for="{$label_attr.for}">{$label}</label>
        <div class="control-input">
        <input type="email" name="{$name}" value="{$value}" id="{$label_attr.for}" class="form-control" maxlength="255" aria-required="true" autofocus required>
        {if $error}
            <span class="help-block">{$message}</span>
        {elseif !$error && $value != ""}
            <span class="help-block"><span class="icon-ok"></span> {intl l="You will receive a link to reset your password."}</span>
    <div class="group-btn">
        <a href="{url path="/login"}" class="btn btn-cancel">{intl l="Cancel"}</a>
        <button type="submit" class="btn btn-forgot">{intl l="Send"}</button>