Tax type

There are three default tax types in Thelia 2 :

  • Fixed amount tax type
  • Percent of the product price tax
  • Fixed amount depending on a product’s feature value ; you can set tax amount on each product in the given feature.

Create your own tax type

You can create tax types in your plugins, or why not directly in Thelia 2 and ask for a pull request.

For this, you must create a class which extends \Thelia\TaxEngine\BaseTaxType.

Here is the FixAmountTaxType class as an example :

class PricePercentTaxType extends BaseTaxType
    public function pricePercentRetriever()
        return ($this->getRequirement("percent") * 0.01);

    public function getRequirementsList()
        return array(
            new TaxTypeRequirementDefinition('percent', new FloatType())

    public function getTitle()
        return Translator::getInstance()->trabs("Price % Tax");

getRequirementsList() should return an array of TaxTypeRequirementDefinition objects. The TaxTypeRequirementDefinition class store the name of a requirement (a parameter) of your tax type, that will be entered in the back-office by the administrator.

getTitle() returns a short description of your tax type, used in the back-office in the tax management section.

You shoudl override either pricePercentRetriever() or fixAmountRetriever(), depending on your tax type. If it provides a percentage that should be applied to product price, implement pricePercentRetriever(). If it provides a constant amount, implements fixAmountRetriever(). See BaseTaxType for more information.

If you’re implementing this new class outside the Thelia core, e.g. outside the base Tax types directory Thelia/TaxEngine/TaxType - in a plugin for example - you should inform the Tax Engine.

Let’s say you have created the MyTaxPlugin, and stored several tax type classes in the MyTaxPlugin/TaxType directory. The namespace of these classes will be MyTaxPlugin\TaxType.

First, in your plugin constructor (or any convenient place) get the TaxEngine from the container :

$taxEngine = $container->get('thelia.taxEngine');

If you have implemented only a few tax type, just call the addTaxType method for each tax type, providing the fully qualified class name of your tax type. For example, if your tax type class is MyTaxType :


If you have several tax types, store all implementations in the same directory, and call the addTaxTypeDirectory method, providing the namespace of your classes, and the path to the directory :

$taxEngine->addTaxTypeDirectory('MyTaxPlugin\TaxType', __DIR__ .DS . 'TaxType');