This functionality is no longer available since version 2.3

The formatters

What is a formatter ?

A formatter is a tools that converts export data into a file format ( csv, xml, … ) and/or import file format into treatable data.

Thelia comes with 3 formatters:

  • XML
  • json
  • csv

Get a formatter

In order to get a formatter, you can use the trait to get the manager Thelia\Core\FileFormat\Formatting\FormatterManagerTrait :

class Foo 
    use FormatterManagerTrait;
    public function myMethod() {
        $archiveBuilderManager = $this->getFormatterManager($myContainer);

or inject it in a service (e.g: an event listener):

<service id="my.super.service" class="My\Super\Class">
    <argument type="service" id="thelia.manager.formatter_manager" />

Use a formatter

A formatter must implement 6 methods:

 * This method goes from a FormatterData object and must return the encoded value.
 * It may return null if the formatter is decode only
public function encode(FormatterData $data);

 * This method goes from a rawData ( string, object, ... ) and must return a FormatterData
 * It may return null if the formatter is encode only
public function decode($rawData);

 * This method returns a string containing the handled Type that is used to match with a export or an
 * import
public function getHandledType();

 * As a formatter should belong to a file format, here are the basic information about a format
 * that the formatter must return.

// The format name
public function getName();

// The format extension
public function getExtension();

// The format mime type
public function getMimeType();

Create a formatter

If you want to create a formatter, you must create a class that extends Thelia\Core\FileFormat\Formatting\AbstractFormatter and implements the 6 previous methods.

Register a formatter

In Thelia, a formatter is a service. If you to register your formatter into the manager, create a tagged service like this:

<service id="my.super.formatter" class="My\Super\Formatter">
    <tag name="thelia.formatter" />