Orders export

Export your orders


Output name Output description
ref The order's ref
date The order's date
customer_ref The customer's ref
discount The order's discount
coupons The order's coupon names
postage The order's postage amount
total_including_taxes The order's total taxed price, without discount nor postage
total_with_discount The order's total taxed price, with discount
total_discount_and_postage The order's total taxed price, with discount and postage
delivery_module The chosen delivery module
delivery_ref The delivery ref, usually used for tracking numbers
payment_module The used payment module
invoice_ref The invoice ref, usually used for transaction numbers
status The order status (Not Paid, Paid, Processing, Sent, Canceled)
delivery_title The delivery address' title (Mr, Miss, ...)
delivery_company The delivery address' company
delivery_first_name The delivery address' first name
delivery_last_name The delivery address' last name
delivery_address1 The delivery street address 1
delivery_address2 The delivery street address 2
delivery_address3 The delivery street address 3
delivery_zip_code The delivery address' zipcode
delivery_city The delivery address' city
delivery_country The delivery address' country
delivery_phone The delivery address' phone
invoice_title The invoice address' title (Mr, Miss, ...)
invoice_company The invoice address' company
invoice_first_name The invoice address' first name
invoice_last_name The invoice address' last name
invoice_address1 The invoice street address 1
invoice_address2 The invoice street address 2
invoice_address3 The invoice street address 3
invoice_zip_code The invoice address' zipcode
invoice_city The invoice address' city
invoice_country The invoice address' country
invoice_phone The invoice address' phone
product_title The products' names
price The products' prices without taxes
taxed_price The products' taxed prices
currency The order's currency (EUR, USD, ...)
was_in_promo 1 if the product was is promo, 0 otherwise
quantity The ordered quantity of the product
tax_amount The product's tax amount
tax_title The product's tax rule name