What about giving your customer a way to get discounts ?

A coupon is

  • An effect, what your customer would earn if he enters his coupon (ex: discount -10€ on your customer total checkout)
  • A rule, whether your customer is eligible for this Coupon (ex: only if the customer total cart price > 400€)

We designed this feature in order to let you build the Coupon you wish. Whether it is usual or whether it is very specific to your business model. By default numerous Coupons are available but any developer will be able to implement your demands pretty easily.

Here are some unusual demands your customers could met :

  • A coupon available only if you are a woman
  • A coupon available only if the customer browser is not Internet Explorer
  • A coupon linked to a customer and usable only once
  • A Coupon giving a discount to another customer on behalf of the first customer

As you can see you have a wide variety of application field.