When you develop a new website / module or test a functionality, it’s very useful to have a website with data. It’s the role of the faker to do so.

The faker erases all data in your database and generates fake :

  • customers and addresses
  • administrators
  • categories, products, brands, features, attributes, images and documents
  • folders, contents, images and documents
  • orders

To run the faker (composer must be installed globally) :

$ php setup/faker.php

Advanced usage

Since version 2.2, the faker is now configurable

By default, the script generates fake data with real texts for the fr_FR, en_US, es_ES, it_IT and de_DE locales. 20 top categories and from 0 to 20 sub categories are created with in each of them from 0 to 20 products.

For custom usages, you can control the faker from the command line :

Generate fake data for your Thelia website


    php faker.php <OPTIONS>


        Display this message and exit

    -b <bootstrap file>
        Use this bootstrap file

    -c <number of categories>
        Maximum number of categories and sub categories to create (default: 20)

    -p <number of products>
        Maximum number of products to create in a category (default: 20)

    -l <locale list>
        The list of locales (separated with a ,) for which to generate content (default: fr_FR, en_US, es_ES, it_IT, de_DE)

    -r <real text>
        Use real text or not. real text mode is much more slower than false text mode.
        0 : false text mode
        1 : real text mode (default)


    Generate content in english and french with false text for 5 categories and 10 products :

    php faker.php -r 0 -c 5 -p 10 -l 'fr_FR, en_US'