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This Smarty function builds an absolute URL from a route path.


The value of the path parameter is the route path you want to get as an URL.

For example, to get the URL of the /account/password route :
{url path="/account/password"} =>

Dynamic parameters

In some cases you need to inject dynamic parameter in your path. The parameter uses the same behaviour as the {intl} function. Every %varname found in the string will be replaced by the value of the varname parameter.
{url path="/product/%id" id=$product_id} =>

Additional parameters to the generated URL

You may add as many parameters as you want to the generated URL
{url path="/contact" myvar="1" myothervar="2"} =>


Setting noamp=1 will escape all & as & that may be present in the generated URL.


The value of the file parameter is the absolute path (from /web) of a real file, that will be served by your web server, and not processed by Thelia.

For example, if you put a guide.pdf file in the /web directory, the URL of this file is :
{url file="/guide.pdf"} =>