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The {navigate} function is a convenient way to generate URLs pointing to common locations.
This function has only one parameter to which may take one of the following values:

currentThe absolute URL of the current page
previousThe absolute URL of the previous page
indexThe absolute URL of the shop home page
catalog_lastThe absolute URL of the last viewed catalog page, product or category. The index page URL is returned if no catalog page has been viewed yet.


  • return to the shop home page : <a href="{navigate to='index'}">{intl l="Back to home"}</a>
  • go back to the previous page : <a href="{navigate to='previous'}">{intl l="Back to home"}</a>
  • reload the current page : <a href="{navigate to='current'}">{intl l="Reload !"}</a>

You can’t add custom parameters to the URL generated by {navigate}. To do so, use it along with the {url} function :
{url path={navigate to="current"} limit="4"}
This way the limit=4 parameter is added to the URL :