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Return coupons information
{loop type="coupon" name="the-loop-name" [argument="value"], [...]}


codeA single or a list of coupons code.code="THECODE", code="ACODE,ANOTHERCODE,COCODE"
idA single or a list of coupons"2", id="1,4,7"
in_useIf true, only coupons currently in use in the checkout process are returned. If false, only coupons not in use in the checkout process are returned.in_use="true"
is_enabledIf true, only enabled are returned. If false, only disabled coupons are returned.is_enabled="true"
orderA list of values see sorting possible valuesmanualorder="alpha_reverse"

Plus the global arguments


$IS_TRANSLATEDcheck if the coupon is translated or not
AMOUNTthe coupon amount. Could be a percentage, or an absolute amount
APPLICATION_CONDITIONSan array of usage conditions descriptions
CODEthe coupon code
DAY_LEFT_BEFORE_EXPIRATIONdays left before coupon expiration
DESCRIPTIONthe coupon description
DISCOUNT_AMOUNTAmount subtracted from the cart, only if the coupon is currentrly in use
EXPIRATION_DATEthe coupon expiration date
FREE_SHIPPING_FOR_COUNTRIES_LISTlist of country IDs for which the shipping is free
FREE_SHIPPING_FOR_MODULES_LISTlist of module IDs for which the shipping is free
IDthe coupon id
IS_AVAILABLE_ON_SPECIAL_OFFERStrue if the coupon effect applies to products currently on sale
IS_CUMULATIVEtrue if the coupon is cumulative with other coupons
IS_ENABLEDtrue if the coupon is enabled
IS_REMOVING_POSTAGEtrue if the coupon removes shipping costs
LOCALEthe coupon locale
PER_CUSTOMER_USAGE_COUNTtrue if the coupon maximum usage count is per customer
SERVICE_IDthe coupon service id
SHORT_DESCRIPTIONthe coupon short description
TITLEthe coupon title
TOOLTIPThe coupon short description
USAGE_LEFTnumber of usages left

Plus the global outputs

Order possible values


Ascending valueDescending valueSorted fields
codecode-reversecoupon code
days-leftdays-left-reversedays of validity left
expiration-dateexpiration-date-reverseexpiration date
usages-leftusages-left-reverseusage count left